Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Signs of Riboflavin Deficiency


Also known as Vitamin B2, plays a key role in maintaining the health of
humans because it is a central component in a wide variety of cellular
processes. It plays a role in energy metabolism, and other metabolism of
fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

It is used to fortify foods such as baby foods, breakfast cereals, pastas,
sauces, and processed cheese as well as being used as food coloring because
of its orange/yellow coloring.

Signs of riboflavin deficiency are: cracked and red lips, inflammation of the lining of the mouth, mouth ulcers, cracks at the corners of the mouth and sore throat. Having a riboflavion deficiency can also cause scaling skin,runny nose, bloodspot, itchy, watery eyes that are sensitive to bright light.

Did you know?
Because Riboflavin is fluorescent under a UV light, diluted solutions are often used to detect leaks in industrial occupations such as plumbing.

You learn something new everyday!

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