Friday, May 14, 2010

Devastating Effect of Fast Food

My husband and I have been changing our life style in the way we eat. We only buy organic grass fed beef, we buy fresh vegetables from the local farmers markets, we order our soy free eggs from out of state, we have eliminated all products that contain soy, we have eliminated bread and dairy, we have eliminated fried foods (we only use coconut oil and EVOO) and we have eliminated most sugar products from our diet except for honey and our cocktail or wine.

Mentally, one of the biggest changes is reducing our portion size. We share one chicken breast or one steak and if we eat out, we share only one meal. This sounds difficult but it really isn’t. We don’t miss anything with this life style change, we never feel deprived and we always feel satisfied. We do not have the ups and downs we used to experience when we ate anything we wanted.

However, with this life style change we do have a cheat day each week. We usually will make a homemade pizza on this day and a dessert like sugar free brownies or an apple crisp. We don’t eat out much since we feel our cooking is better than what we can get at a restaurant. Plus, we like trying new recipes.

Last weekend we went to a May Fair to view the arts and crafts. On the way home we made the mistake of stopping at a McDonalds and we shared an Angus burger, a large fry (we usually get a small) and a large sweet iced tea (we usually get a small).

If we had stuck with the small fries we probably would have been OK. But then, the next day was Mothers Day and my husband decided to take me out to eat.

For lunch we shared a greasy (probably trans fat) blackened grouper with no fries.BIG mistake! My system had been detoxed by eating good foods for the past two months and boy did I get sick from that grease! I didn't want to hurt my husband's feelings because it was Mothers Day so I didn't complain about the food to the waitress.

That night we made our homemade pizza (which was delicious) but it was also more bread even though it was not made with enriched flour.

Now get this, my husband gained 4 pounds in those two days of "cheating". He was devastated! It’s no wonder we were considered obese when that used to be our life style. Also, it took 5 days for him to lose the four pounds it only took two days to gain. Seeing this weight gain it really brought home to us the negative and positive effects food can have on us. Cheat a little, pay a lot.

If you want to see how food affects you, simply weigh yourself each morning when you get up. Make sure you weigh in the nude so different articles of clothing do not affect your overall weight. Record your weight each day and see how the previous day’s food and liquid affect’s your weight.

After weighing yourself for a week, you may also want to consider a life style change. If you need support, contact me.

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